Bad Breath

Q.           I have a new boyfriend and a new problem – bad breath.  Recently, much to my embarrassment, my boyfriend commented that my breath was bad, and suggested that I see a dentist.  My dentist told me that my teeth are fine, but my breath still isn’t.  I brush regularly and use mouthwash, what more can I do?
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Why Men Die First Chapter 6- The Male Libido – Men and Sex Listen to the dry voice of science on the subject of monogamy: Monogamous pair bonds are relatively rare among mammalian species…only about 3 percent of mammalian species display such bonds, and even fewer appear to exhibit obligate monogamy [1]   And this:
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I have lived a life of privilege in a society where my education and opportunities to contribute to others are respected and acknowledged. But most women in the world are not as fortunate: the horrendous injustices and abuses that the majority have experienced (and which are not only tolerated but perpetuated) have troubled me all my
At the beginning of the new year in a new century that  has witnessed some of the most profound changes in biomedical science,  it seems important to consider the meaning of what we have discovered and whether our views of the new powers we have acquired are perhaps simplistic. Certainly, our view of how life

Omicron: the origin story

Like any good supervillain, Omicron has an origin story. As Omicron continues to spread throughout the winter, scientists are learning more about where it came from, and how it became so dangerous. Interestingly, the Omicron variant is not related to the last two major strains of COVID—Alpha and Delta—but has been developing in the shadows.
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Pink Pill
Yesterday marked an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19, as the FDA granted two COVID-19 oral antiviral treatments Emergency use Authorization: Paxlovid (Pfizer) and Molnupiravir (Merck). Both antiviral treatments work by interfering with the virus’ ability to reproduce and replicate within the body, but in slightly different ways. Paxlovid treats the virus by targeting
Dear Friends, My interest in studying the biology of the diverse nature of human sexuality is a natural extension of my thirty-year effort to persuade the academic community to include biological sex as a variable in scientific research. Until the 1990’s, the “bikini-view” of women looked only at their reproductive function. We assumed that what
Dear friends, Be sure to view the prize-winning documentary we made about women and coronary artery disease that marked the beginning of our awareness of the unique ways in which women experienced this illness. “Shattering the Myths: The Truth About Women and Coronary Artery Disease” features real women, real stories, and real remedies! Let us know what
Dr. Marianne Legato spoke on the importance of including women in clinical research for an NPR article on The Coronavirus Crisis. She commented on the dearth of clinical research on women because of the concerns about taking into account the impact of hormonal fluctuations in the female body. Click here for the full article:  “Protect Pregnant Women
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Two comprehensive review papers in this week’s issue of NATURE magazine have encouraging news for us.[1],[2]  One summarized the extent of this pandemic: 30 million people in 215 countries are affected, with a death rate of almost a million as of September of this year. Experts pointed to several animal models available for testing vaccines