The Cost of Men’s Sports

One of the most startling and unexpected events in sports is the sudden death during the play of a young athlete.  Herodotus recorded the death of the Athenian’s fleetest runner, Pheidippides, who had been sent to seek help from Sparta during the Persian invasion; he ran 167 miles to reach the Spartans, the raced back
Dr. Marazziti speculates that this similarity in hormone levels helps to solidify relationships in their shaky early stages by erasing differences.  Women with higher

For Men Only

There’s an old joke: God is handing out his very last gifts to the new couple in Paradise.  He announces: I’ve only got two things left.
Marianne J. LegatoMarianne J. Legato, MD, Ph. D. (hon. c.), FACP is an internationally renowned academic, physician, author, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of gender-specific medicine. She is a Professor Emerita of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Dr.
Depression has a widespread and devastating impact on health.  It is associated with disturbances in the endocrine, cardiovascular and immune systems as well as affecting bone health.  The risk of coronary artery disease is three times higher among men with a diagnosis of depression; interestingly, there is no increased risk for women.  After they have had a heart attack,  depressed patients have a 3.5 increase in cardiovascular mortality.  Applying new criteria developed by the World Bank, Harvard University, and the World Heath Organization, researches found that major depression is the leading cause of disability and lost days from work in developed countries, including the United States.
One of the very first questions I  get when I’m learning about the implications of the sex differences between men and women is, “Why are we only just learning about this now?”

Bad Breath

Q.           I have a new boyfriend and a new problem – bad breath.  Recently, much to my embarrassment, my boyfriend commented that my breath was bad, and suggested that I see a dentist.  My dentist told me that my teeth are fine, but my breath still isn’t.  I brush regularly and use mouthwash, what more can I do?
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Why Men Die First Chapter 6- The Male Libido – Men and Sex Listen to the dry voice of science on the subject of monogamy: Monogamous pair bonds are relatively rare among mammalian species…only about 3 percent of mammalian species display such bonds, and even fewer appear to exhibit obligate monogamy [1]   And this:
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I have lived a life of privilege in a society where my education and opportunities to contribute to others are respected and acknowledged. But most women in the world are not as fortunate: the horrendous injustices and abuses that the majority have experienced (and which are not only tolerated but perpetuated) have troubled me all my
At the beginning of the new year in a new century that  has witnessed some of the most profound changes in biomedical science,  it seems important to consider the meaning of what we have discovered and whether our views of the new powers we have acquired are perhaps simplistic. Certainly, our view of how life