lumpy breasts
Q. Does Caffeine Cause “Lumpy Breasts”? A. There have been many anecdotal reports that link caffeine consumption to fibrocystic breasts, but there are no scientific studies to confirm this link. A handful of studies, however, have claimed that women with fibrocystic breasts who refrain from caffeine report a lessening in the severity of their symptoms.
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women's body perspiration

Body Perspiration

I sweat so much that I know my clothes have a limited life. Furthermore, even the cleaner cant get out the stale smell this leaves. Why does this happen? A. There are many reasons for excessive underarm perspiration, one of which is anxiety, particularly in young women. Often, sweat literally pours down their arms and
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Women with Bad Breath Illustration

Bad Breath

I have a new boyfriend and a new problem-bad breath. Recently, much to my embarrassment, my boyfriend commented that my breath was bad, and suggested that I see a dentist. My dentist told me that my teeth are fine, but my breath still isn’t. I brush regularly and use mouthwash, what more can I do?
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women using oxygen mask

Is Asthma Psychosomatic?

I have asthma, which makes it hard for me to breath when I’m upset. My husband says is psychosomatic and that I could control my asthma attacks if I wanted to. Is he right? A. An asthma attach occurs when the air tubes of the lungs become constricted , which can affect breathing. The symptoms
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Women drinking in modern environment
What’s the best way to deal with a hangover from excessive drinking? A. An alcoholics handover can cause a painful headache as well as a sick, woozy feeling. Functionality, a hangover usually does not last for more than a day, but it can be a day of sheer hell. There are several things you can
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Two females having a drink

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

I am engaged to marry a man whose father bother are problem drinkers. My fiance does not drink at all, but I’m worries about out children. Is alcoholism genetic? A. There is no question that alcoholism is often clustered in families, both social and genetic factors figure the cause of this devastating disease. I  to
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Q. I work hard during the week and party hard on the weekends. I often have several glasses of beer and wine on a weekend night and have at times drunk so much that I pass out. I don’t drink at  all during the week. Is there anything wring with an occasional binge? A. Whether
two women having a drink
A. Reactions to alcohol are as varied as the people who use it! Some women feel sexier and less inhibited after a few drinks, while others may feel shier and more withdrawn. Alcohol is a strong drug , and like any other drug, it will affect different people in different ways. There is, however, some
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Abortion Options for Women

Q. I heard there is a new pill that can induce abortion so that a surgical abortion is no longer necessary. Is this true? Is it safe to use? Can I take it home? A. There are two different types of drug therapies that can terminate pregnancy; one is available in the United States and
Any discussion of aging naturally brings us to one of the biggest paradoxes in modern science. We have essentially doubled life expectancy since 1900, when the mean duration of life was only 48 years, but we don’t know how to preserve brain function in our oldest patients, even if they are in optimal physical health.