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A recent report from the National Academy of Science documents (not for the first time!) that we humans have a unique ability to develop our heart’s capacity for stress. The investigators compare us with our relatives, the apes and chimpanzees, and say that these animals, unlike us, don’t have this resource: they are only equipped
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Q. I have read that drinking a glass or two of wine a day can help prevent heart attacks. Is this true for women? I don’t drink that much, should I start? A.You are referring to the studies that have shown that women who drink one or two glasses of wine – or any kind
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The ravages of the covid pandemic caused the closing of New York City businesses in mid March. That decision saved countless lives, but  impacted the funding of our Foundation along with all the other non profit institutions in the city. The response of our major supporters to the announcement that our annual gala, originally scheduled for
​Memorial for Harold Burson With great sadness, we report the death of one of the  most generous supporters of the Foundation, Harold Burson. He helped shape the first days of our work in gender-specific medicine, and continued to guide us through the following three decades as our program solidified and gained international recognition.  He came
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Dear Patients, Families and Friends: I have set up a tele-med system by which you and/or your family can talk to me in a video format at anytime you wish. Simply text me at 1 917-414-4870 that you want a session; I will text you back as soon as I am at my computer. Then enter “”
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Vaginal Deodorants

Q. Should women use vaginal deodorants? A. Absolutely not. If you have a bad vaginal odor or discharge, you should not use a deodorant to cover it up. Go to your gynecologist to make sure that you don’t have an infection. Normal hygiene – bathing or showering daily – should be all you need to
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Q. I am in my mid-fifties and for the first time in my life, I’m seeing signs of “middle-age spread”. Although I lead an active life, I have never exercised on a regular basis. Is it too late for exercise to make a difference? A. Until recently, conventional wisdom dictated that the human body begins
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douching for a better hygiene


Q. I have always believed that douching was part of good hygiene, but my daughter’s doctor told her not to douche. Who’s right? A. At one time, doctors routinely instructed their female patients to douche; however, that is no longer the case. Studies have shown that there is a higher rate of infection of the
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Q. Is it true that everything I tell my doctor is strictly confidential? A. No, it is not, and this can pose problems for both doctors and their patients. When a doctor takes the Hippocratic oath, she swears to reveal nothing that she learns in the course of her work as a physician. As far
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Q. My doctor took me off the Pill seven years ago, when I turned forty, because he said it was not safe for a woman my age to take it any longer. I have a close friend who is my age who is still taking the Pill. Recently, my periods have become very heavy and
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