I have lived a life of privilege in a society where my education and opportunities to contribute to others are respected and acknowledged. But most women in the world are not as fortunate: the horrendous injustices and abuses that the majority have experienced (and which are not only tolerated but perpetuated) have troubled me all my
At the beginning of the new year in a new century that  has witnessed some of the most profound changes in biomedical science,  it seems important to consider the meaning of what we have discovered and whether our views of the new powers we have acquired are perhaps simplistic. Certainly, our view of how life
The Weaker Sex

Omicron: the origin story

Like any good supervillain, Omicron has an origin story. As Omicron continues to spread throughout the winter, scientists are learning more about where it came from, and how it became so dangerous. Interestingly, the Omicron variant is not related to the last two major strains of COVID—Alpha and Delta—but has been developing in the shadows.
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