One of the most unexpected and valuable benefits of thinking so deeply and meticulously regarding the nature of women's biology, surprisingly, has been a new view of how to investigate the unique biology of men
Personalized Medicine and the Icarus Project: Ethical and Moral Issues in Sending Humans into Space The irresistible urge of humans to expand their current competence in mastering the environment is nowhere more apparent than the attempt to conquer space and colonize other worlds. The promise of an expanded universe for earth’s life forms is irresistible.

The Difference in How We Talk

we’ve just learned that women hear and process what they hear better than men do. But the ease with which women understand language extends to producing it as well.  Women find verbal communication easier and have richer vocabularies than men. 

The Body Language Divide

We’ve discussed the greater ease with which women interpret non-verbal cues, so it won’t come as a surprise that women use more of them to communicate as well.  Women tend to use facial expressions, verbal rhythm and tone, and physical gestures to convey information and emotion.

Lost in Translation

Perhaps our difficulties in successfully talking to one another have to do with inaccuracies in the way we analyze the information we’re given. 

The Grieving Brain

The end of a romantic relationship is truly agonizing. I remember feeling furious as I imagined the cad who might one day break my daughter’s heart.  At the time, my husband consoled me by pointing out that she was five years old and safe—at least for a while. 

The Cost of Men’s Sports

One of the most startling and unexpected events in sports is the sudden death during the play of a young athlete.  Herodotus recorded the death of the Athenian’s fleetest runner, Pheidippides, who had been sent to seek help from Sparta during the Persian invasion; he ran 167 miles to reach the Spartans, the raced back
commercial entity. Procter & Gamble committed to giving an unrestricted grant to an academic medical center
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Dr. Marazziti speculates that this similarity in hormone levels helps to solidify relationships in their shaky early stages by erasing differences.  Women with higher

For Men Only

There’s an old joke: God is handing out his very last gifts to the new couple in Paradise.  He announces: I’ve only got two things left.