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The Myth of Prometheus and the Flame

When scientific scholars look back on our current time period, they will call it the beginning of the Genomic Era. In just the past ten years, scientists have achieved techniques that not only transform existing life forms, but also create entirely new species. For the first time in history, technology gives humans a direct impact on evolution.

The issues and questions that arise whenever a scientific advancement changes humanity are always the same: some warn of potentially disastrous consequences and others urge us to push forward and reap the benefits. The myth of Prometheus was the first conception of this dilemma. Against the wishes of Zeus, the Titan gave fire to man, whom he created in the image of the gods.

Prometheus is a fitting symbol of the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine. Not only did he create the genders, and all the traits that come with them, but his gift of fire transformed humankind in the same manner that genomics will change medicine.

The flame in our new logo represents the transformative nature of the new medical sciences ahead of us. The arrow and cross are subtle nods to the sexes because gender will play a crucial role in the development of these new disciplines.