Women drinking in modern environment
What’s the best way to deal with a hangover from excessive drinking? A. An alcoholics handover can cause a painful headache as well as a sick, woozy feeling. Functionality, a hangover usually does not last for more than a day, but it can be a day of sheer hell. There are several things you can
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Two females having a drink

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

I am engaged to marry a man whose father bother are problem drinkers. My fiance does not drink at all, but I’m worries about out children. Is alcoholism genetic? A. There is no question that alcoholism is often clustered in families, both social and genetic factors figure the cause of this devastating disease. I  to
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two women having a drink
A. Reactions to alcohol are as varied as the people who use it! Some women feel sexier and less inhibited after a few drinks, while others may feel shier and more withdrawn. Alcohol is a strong drug , and like any other drug, it will affect different people in different ways. There is, however, some
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Women injecting caffeine in her wrist
caffeine Q. I need a cup or two of coffee in the morning to get me going. My daughter, who follows a strict macrobiotic diet, has been nagging me about my coffee drinking. She contends that caffeine (I only drink caffeinated coffee) is an addictive drug that can cause all kinds of health problems. I
Alzheimer’s Disease Question: Since I have become menopausal, I have become very forgetful. Although I have no trouble remembering events that happened a long time ago, I do have difficulty recalling such simple things as the name of a person to whom I was just introduced. Am I showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease? Answer: Loss of
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