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Sleep and Sex

sleep and sex importance in world
A Critical Period of Sleep for Development of Courtship Circuitry and Behavior in Drosophila Doctor Matthew Kayser and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania just gave us another great reason for getting enough sleep. Just hatched flies deprived of sleep developed lasting deficits in courtship behavior and fertility. Like human adolescents, young flies need
It’s no wonder the sun makes us feel good, and it’s not only because of the benefits of Vitamin D! Researcher David Fischer and his team at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston discovered that a particular endorphin is released in rodents chronically exposed to ultraviolet light. The endorphin is the same one that responds to
Isn’t it amazing when we completely eliminate a cancer and never have it recur? For the first time, there has been a success in the fight against cervical cancer reports lead researcher, Dr. Christian Hinrichs from the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Quite simply, a patient’s own immune system is used to attack the cancer. Most
Does a name really matter? It seems that gender stereotypes play a major role in weather related deaths. Lead researcher Dr. Kiju Jung of the University of Illinois reports that significantly more deaths occur during a hurricane given a feminine name as opposed to that of one given a male name. For instance, we all
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