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The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine Announce the Robert S. Birch $25,000 Award Competition for the Best Original Research Paper or Commentary New Rochelle, NY, January 19, 2017—The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine and Gender and the Genome (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers) are pleased to announce a competition for a prize of $25,000 (the Robert S.


Journal gender & genome written by dr. Marriane Legato
Science and Legal Experts Debate Future Uses and Impact of Human Genome Editing in Gender and the Genome New Rochelle, NY, December 13, 2016—Precise, economical genome editing tools such as CRISPR have made it possible to make targeted changes in genes, which could be applied to human embryos to correct mutations, prevent disease, or alter
Though our DNA is fixed, the expression of genes is not. Some genes stay dormant for our entire lives, some are always ‘on’, others are active at some points, and inactive at others. We are only at the beginning of understanding what causes this ‘toggling’ of our genes, but a recent study suggests gender may