Gender Medicine Editorials

Founded by Dr. Legato in the summer of 2004, Gender Medicine focuses on the impact of sex and gender on normal human physiology, and the pathophysiology and clinical features of disease. The journal is listed in the Index Medicus of the National Library of Medicine.

PDFs of Dr. Legato’s editorials spanning from 2005 to 2011.

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Prometheus and the Heaven Scenario Progress and Challenges in 21st Century Science

Worlds Within Worlds The Human Microbiome

The Homosexual and Transgendered Individual Deviant or Part of the Normal Human Continuum

Biologic Sex and the Genome

“The Allostatic Load: How Stress Makes Us Sick” Gender Medicine 7.5 (2010): 458-460.

“Off With the New and On With the Old: Rediscovering Digoxin” Gender Medicine 7.4 (2010): 371-374.

“Sailing the Sea of Synthetic Biology: Dr. Venter and the Sorcerer II” Gender Medicine 7.3 (2010): 276-277.

“Living in the ‘Zero Years’: The Brave New World of 21st Century Science” Gender Medicine 7.2 (2010):184-185.

“Father of the Genetic Code: Thoughts on the Life and Death of Marshall Niremberg” Gender Medicine 7.1 (2010): 1-2.

“Making Sense of Scent” Gender Medicine 6.4 (2009): 513-515.

“The Genomic Era: ‘It’s Just The Way I Am’ Gives Way To ‘Look At What I Might Become!’” Gender Medicine 6.3 (2009): 400-401.

“Physician Suicide: Unnecessary Losses” Gender Medicine 6.1 (2009): 247-248.

“Doctor Atomic and Doctor Genomic” Gender Medicine 5.4 (2008): 351-353.

“Gender and Sleep – ‘Morning Came, As It Always Does’” Gender Medicine 5.2 (2008): 107-109.

Sex and Society: The Journal Takes a Look at their Interaction” Gender Medicine 5.1 (2008):1-2.

“The Silent Male: How Much Do We Really Care About Men?” Gender Medicine 4.4 (2007): 285-287.

“Manipulating the Genome, Enhancing Humans, and Creating Robots to Keep Us Company: Thoughts on What’s ‘Human’” Gender Medicine 4.3 (2007): 185-186.

“The Tip of the Spear” Gender Medicine 4.2 (2007): 87-88.

“On the Voyage of the Beagle and Other Great Adventures” Gender Medicine 3.3 (2006): 159-160.

“Balancing the Three-Legged Stool: Which Faculty are Most Important in Our Academic Medical Centers?” Gender Medicine 3.2 (2006): 71-72.

“But What About Men?” Gender Medicine 3.1 (2006): 2-4.

“New Challenges for Statins: What the Public Can, or Should, Be Told” Gender Medicine 2.4 (2005): 185-188.

“2005 A Year of Accreditation, Collaboration, and Setting Standards-Landmarks for the Partnership and Gender-Medicine” Gender Medicine 2.3 (2005): 119-120.

“Men, Women and Brains: What’s Hardwired, What’s Learned and What’s Controversial” Gender Medicine 2.2 (2005): 59-61.

“Never Again?” Gender Medicine 2.1 (2005): 1-3.