Published Books

Elsevier Academic Press, 2004
“The book will benefit primary care practitioners and physicians who manage chronic conditions. By bringing the information together, Legato sets the stage for the future of an exciting and rich new field.”
— Journal of American Medical Association

Rodale Press, 2005
“Reading this book is a total ‘aha’ experience from start to finish. As a therapist and scientist, I cannot begin to describe how helpful it will be to anyone who has ever been perplexed, angered, confused, or frustrated by anyone of the opposite sex.”
— Alice Domar, MD, author of Self-Nurture and Healing Mind, Healthy Woman

Harmony Books, 2002
“Legato takes a fresh and much broader look at what she calls ‘the new science of gender-specific medicine,’ a melding of clinical practice and cutting edge research that she did much to pioneer.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

Simon & Schuster,1997
“well-organized book that is authoritative without being authoritarian. Many women will especially welcome finding straightforward answers to questions they feel would seem too silly or too embarrassing to ask in person.”
— Publishers Weekly rich new field.”
— Journal of American Medical Association

Simon & Schuster, 1992
“A vitally important book…judged outstanding for accuracy, skill, and originality in presenting material of interest and value to the public.”
— Edward S. Cooper, President, American Heart Association

Palgrave, 2008
“Marianne Legato, who has devoted her career to studying the differences between the sexes, believes that the premature death of men is the most important–and neglected–health issue of our time. She has written a book for every man who wants to live longer and for the women and families who love them. Dr. Legato has started a much needed conversation we should all be having about how we can improve the health and longevity of men, who–at all ages–die before women.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, author of You: The Owner’s Manual

“A vital and rewarding book…a fascinating as well as practical look at how men are both made (by biology) and shaped (by culture). Readers will be engaged and amazed by the discoveries and insights that modern medicine now possesses about the mysteries of gender. Dr. Legato has a gift for narrative and an ability to see into the human heart.”
— Diane Salvatore, Editor in Chief, Ladies’ Home Journal