Doubles Luncheon Oct 2014

Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget ?

Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget Ever wonder why there's often such a disconnect between what you and what your significant other think is important? Or why a simple request requires a written proposal and several reminders to get something accomplished? Or why arguments seem to come from nowhere and frustrate both of you because nothing is solved? On October 14, 2014 guests gathered at the Doubles Club in New York City to hear Dr. Marianne Legato, an expert in the differences between men and women, discuss one of her newest books,Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget. With validation and witty humor by guest, Dr. Ruth West heimer, Dr.Legato intrigued the audience with the best ways to navigate the challenges of communication between the sexes. The luncheon was generously underwritten by Marvin and Isobel Slomowitz. All proceeds from the luncheon and book sales have been donated to the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine to support the work of young scientists at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins in their gender-specific medical research. Yet another successful
event for the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine!

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