Dr. Lazarus Celebration Final Part

This year  we are honored not only one of most beloved pediatricians in New York City, but one of the world’s most important contributors to the science of gender-specific medicine. He is a rare combination of superb clinical expertise and ground-breaking scholarship. For over two decades he has worked with us to highlight the importance of understanding and acknowledging the differences between males and females, often pointing out that pediatrics was the first medical discipline to understand the importance of biological sex in determining how humans develop and function. In his foreword to the second edition of our textbook, Principles of Gender-specific Medicine, he wrote:  Two year old children know their sex. A child that age doesn’t know much, but a boy knows he is a boy, a girl knows she is a girl. Young children don’t know exactly how or why boys and girls are different, but they know that they are. In that respect, they are exactly like medical scientists.

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