2014 Annual Gala Honorees

Ann Curry

Ann Curry, National and International Anchor/Correspondent, NBC News, is an example of valor and intelligence in journalism.  She has traveled the world and repeatedly taken on hazardous visits to remote parts of the globe to report social, cultural and economic problems in depth and without regard for "political correctness". She has made an important contribution to our understanding of the impact of the societies in which we live on the behavior of men and women.

Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray, Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Bridgewater Associates, LLP, is a long-time leader in improving the position of women in the corporate financial world. She is not an advocate of blind "gender -equality" in the workforce, promoting women only because they are women, but has helped fashion our understanding of the unique talents and abilities of each sex. Her work has repeatedly demonstrated that companies which meld men and women into effective working teams have better performances than those which are stuck in the "old view" of paternalism and which define women as indecisive and emotionally and cognitively less competent than men

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